Wine & Painting Event in Wicker Park

Mona Lisa & Merlot was founded in 2011, by artist, Janet Long, and has been providing trendy, artistic, and creative entertainment in Chicagoland ever since! Vision Live hosted their very first wine & painting event at their trendy entertainment venue in Wicker Park on August 27th. Though it was a BYO event, Cooper’s Hawk wine was provided for tasting. Guests enjoyed sipping on their wine, munching on yummy cheese and sausage, and painting a beautiful butterfly on a canvas on their tabletop easels with vibrant acrylic paint colors.

Central Illinois Takeover Recap

Vision Live Inc. hosts their second event in Chicago, IL called “Central Illinois Takeover”. Vision comes together to support featuring artists including Timmy2Times, Don Mega, Spinion, Danny Grooves.

Too Woke Recap

Vision Live Inc. hosts their first event in Chicago, IL called “Too Woke”. The Electric Forest group, Too Woke, comes together to support featuring artists including Chimes, Treepeoh and Spinion.


Sneezy’s “Smile” music video was filmed in Libertyville, IL by Mark Grismanauskas. This “feel good” song will really make you want to show your teeth and smile. Come on, let’s smile, smile, smile…

MikeyC Performance

MikeyC from Homewood, Illinois shows his ability as a multi-talented performer. Watch him perform with hoops, mini-hoops, juggling clubs & balls, fans, poi and double staffs.

Path to Follow

Peoria based folk/roots band, The Way Down Wanderers’, video for ‘Path to Follow’. Filming location at Six Strings Club in downtown Bloomington, IL. Producer and Director, Mark Grismanauskas.


“Wildfire” was filmed in The Way Down Wanderers hometown, Peoria, IL., by Mark Grismanauskas. Filming took place in the backyard of a friend [of the bands’] home. The WDW found the setting fitting because, “the song speaks to the human drive to pursue better things, when really the people and places that are familiar will always pull you back and serve as your source of fulfillment”.

Bassnectar Remix Visualizer

Bassnectar’s Magical World, Feeling Good, Butterfly, Lights, and Time-stretch were used for this remix. The nature footage was recorded and then synced visuals were added on top. The visuals were made using MAX/MSP/Jitter and the amplitude of each song.

Blue Sky Song

Hailing from Peoria, IL, The Way Down Wanderers embrace their varied musical backgrounds to create a sound that is both traditional and groundbreaking. With a roots, bluegrass, folk vibe, the band uses tight harmonies, instrumental expertise and innovative arrangements to create soulful as well as fast-paced folk-inspired tunes that will stay with you for days.


LED WALL was made using Adunio, MAX/MSP/JITTER, and Xbox Kinect. An interactive environment was created for participants to explore using their bodies as the controller for a fully immersive experience. The Xbox Kinect and synapse was used to receive data from the user that was then sent to MAX/MSP/JITTER. When the users’ hands and/or feet reaches a Y coordinate, it communicates with two arduinos behind the walls using maxuino to turns on specific LED lights.