Our mission is to provide a platform for visionaries from various walks of life who have a passion towards a particular skill(s). Whether it be art, music, technology, health & wellness, etc we want you to be a part of our collaborative and creative efforts. We want people to be able to hone their skill(s) and master their craft(s) and believe this is possible with a person’s true passion being their daily and life’s work. Most importantly though, a person letting passion guide them will be as happy and fulfilled as they can be. This is our community – this is our Vision. We strive to “make it real” every day and want you to know you have the power to make it, whatever it is, real too.

Vision is an entertainment company. We have a few main platforms for our work, but we would like to be involved in numerous movements. We love too many different types of industries, artistic genres, and people for us to choose just one. We, the two founders of Vision, always joked with each other about “wearing multiple” hats and now we’re on a mission to “make it real.” “Make it Real” naturally morphed into our Vision tag line as we started to realize that was exactly what we were doing and continue to do.

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1415 N Ashland Ave, Rear, Chicago, IL 60622

Mark Grismanauskas

Creative Director/Founder

Mark, 24, of Chicago, IL obtained a bachelor’s degree in arts technology at Illinois State University in Bloomington, IL. There he started making connections, learning new skills, and creating art. Some works include an interactive LED Wall, a short film called Campus Infection and an audio visualizer. His first Vision video was created in 2013. Before graduating, he landed an internship at Aisle Rocket Studios that turned into a job. There he was a successful Front-end Developer at Aisle Rocket Studios for two years. All the while, still working on videos and other web based projects for Vision.

Kelsi Lockhart

Marketing Director/Co-Owner

Kelsi, 25, from Peoria, IL obtained a bachelor’s degree in public relations/advertising & marketing with a minor in Latino media/communications from DePaul University in Chicago, IL. While in school, she interned for NJCAA as a PR intern, Miles & Miles Events as a concert promotions intern, and Cappex as a marketing intern. Post-graduation, she landed her first full time position at Keyence Corporation of America where she was a Technical Marketing Engineer in a lead generation role tasked to manage all channels of marketing (i.e. email marketing, digital marketing, advertising, PPC, SEO, direct mail, and trade shows) for the digital microscope team.