Flyin High

The Chicago Jam Band, Sneezy, draws its innovative sound from Rock, Hip-Hop, and Soul influences. Sneezy’s six members have been building musical chemistry together for over a decade. Live performances are best characterized by their enveloping grooves, crowd interaction, and occasional freak dancing! A loyal fan base stretches across Illinois where the band has supported national touring acts as well as headlined at major colleges and universities.

Hollow Man

‘Hollow Man’, one of the more somber tracks on The Way Down Wanderers self-titled album, was filmed in Peoria, Illinois. The sound was recorded live in an abandoned house, which provided great acoustics. Filmed by Mark Grismanauskas and Don Estavon.

Buster Bluth

Tha Profits single “Buster Bluth”, featuring mikeyDUBS, was filmed and edited by Mark Grismanauskas at Illinois State University. This was produced by Mark during his Senior year of college while studying Arts Technology.

EOTO LIVE Interview

Interviewed by Erin Riedl, Jason Hann of EOTO, before his set at Summer Camp Music Festival 2015 gives Vision fresh insights on EOTO’s life on the road.

ABC’s of Hooping

The hooping alphabet, performed by Michelle Bell. Watch and learn your hooping ABC’s today! The music is by Tipper called “Jibber Jabber”. A – Antispin B – Breaks C – Cascade…

Truth, Son

The Way Down Wanderers performing ‘Truth, Son’ at Summercamp Music Festival 2014. Summercamp is held in Chillicothe, IL. This was close to home for the band, as they are from Peoria, IL.

All Alone

Charles Hamilton – All Alone. ┬áMusic produced by Woody AKA. WoodysProduce. Actor is Brad Mckight.

Blacktop Highway Soundcheck

The Way Down Wanderers check their sound before playing for family, friends and fans. The soundcheck led into their highly-anticipated Album Preview and Meet & Greet concert at the Limelight Eventplex in Peoria, IL.